Central heating and hot water system

Column:Central heating and hot water system Time:2019-08-14

Central heating and hot water system

Principle of operation

In this system, the collectors are placed centrally, a large hot water storage tank with a capacity that meets the needs of users is set, and the control system, circulation device and other auxiliary equipment are placed in the equipment room or on the roof. The centrally placed heat collector receives the sun's radiation and the temperature rises, the system control device controls the system circulation device to start, push the low temperature water at the bottom of the hot water storage tank into the heat collector, and push the high temperature hot water in the heat collector into the heat storage The water tank heats the water in the hot water storage tank through a reciprocating cycle. The hot water supply adopts falling water type or forced type, which can realize the functions of timed water supply and constant temperature water supply. The solar energy system is combined with conventional energy sources (electricity or gas, etc.) to realize all-weather hot water supply.

System Features

1.The modular combination of collectors can be combined with various architectural forms, which is conducive to the integrated design of buildings.

2.The heat collector is placed on the roof, with good lighting effect and high utilization rate of solar energy.

3.The hot water storage tank adopts stainless steel water tank, with sanitary water quality, corrosion resistance and long service life.

4.The system can be combined with various energy forms to achieve an optimized combination of energy.

5.System investment is low, and the payback period is short.

6.Use hot water meter to measure, reasonable charge.