Centralized household hot water system

Column:Centralized household hot water system Time:2019-08-14

Centralized household hot water system

Principle of operation

In this system, the collectors are centrally placed, each household is equipped with a hot water storage tank, the replacement heat device and electric auxiliary heating device in the hot water storage tank, and the control system, circulation device and other auxiliary equipment are placed in the stairwell or on the roof. The centrally placed heat collectors receive the solar radiation and the temperature rises, the system control device controls the system circulation device to start, the heat medium circulates between the heat collector and the heat exchange devices in the multiple hot water storage tanks, and the heat medium passes through the heat exchange device and The water in the hot water storage tank exchanges heat to heat the water in the hot water storage tank. The hot water supply adopts the top water supply, which ensures the same pressure of cold and hot water supply, which is convenient and comfortable to use. The combination of solar energy system and conventional energy (electricity) realizes all-weather hot water supply.

System Features

1.The modular combination of collectors can be combined with various building forms, which is conducive to building integrated design.

2.Collectors are placed in a centralized manner, the system is shared, and resources are shared.

3.The heat collector is placed on the roof, with good lighting effect and high utilization rate of solar energy.

4.The hot water storage tank can be placed according to the building structure and use function.

5.The hot water storage tank adopts an enamel-lined pressure-bearing water tank with sanitary water quality, high pressure-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance and long service life.

6.The hot water storage tank is set up and metered by each household, which is convenient for later property management and maintenance.

7.The hot water storage tank is set up and controlled by each household to meet the needs of users with different water habits.

8.Scientific and intelligent control system to realize uniform heat distribution and prevent heat backflow.

9.Effectively solve the problem of high operating costs and difficulty in charging for the heat collection and hot water supply system when the occupancy rate is low.