Photovoltaic power generation

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Photovoltaic power generation

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system has the characteristics of small-scale, highly dispersed, clean and efficient, and close to the load. It can be installed in any place where there is sunlight, such as industrial plants, hotels, shopping malls, schools, villas, etc. that meet the load requirements Concrete, color steel tiles and tiled roofs.

1. Factory premises: ①Online purchase of electricity is more expensive, ②The factory area is large, the roof is flat and wide, ③The electricity consumption is large, and the electricity is consumed locally, ④Can participate in carbon emission reduction transactions.

2. Commercial buildings: ①Online purchase of electricity is more expensive, ②The roof is flat, and the electricity is consumed locally.

3. Public buildings such as family buildings and municipalities: ①Responding to the national support policies for photovoltaic poverty alleviation and photovoltaic go to the countryside, ②investing in financial products, ③facilitating the popularization of green environmental protection concepts.

4. Agriculture, fishery and light complementation: ①Improve the efficiency of land use and increase the value of land output per unit area. ②The road to agricultural science and technology will promote the development of agriculture and fishery.