EMC Contract Energy Management

Column:EMC Contract Energy Management Time:2019-08-14

EMC Contract Energy Management

EMC principle
EMCo provides customers with comprehensive energy-saving project services, providing customers with energy-saving or energy-saving guarantees, that is to say, the products sold by EMCo. are energy-saving.

Project mode

●Energy-saving benefit sharing type

EMCo provides project funding.

EMCo provides full service for the project.

During the contract period, EMCo and the customer will share energy-saving benefits in accordance with the contractual ratio.

After the expiration of the contract, the energy-saving benefits and ownership of energy-saving projects belong to the customer.

●Energy saving type

Energy-saving service companies or customers provide project funds.

EMCo provides full-process service of the project and guarantees the energy-saving effect: According to the contract, the customer pays EMCo for the service.

If the project fails to meet the promised energy savings or energy savings during the contract period, EMCo will compensate the customer for the energy savings that have not been achieved according to the contract.

●Energy cost hosting type

The customer entrusts EMCo to carry out the operation management and energy-saving transformation of the energy system, and pays the energy custody fee in accordance with the contract.

EMCo reduces energy costs by improving energy efficiency, and has all or part of the energy costs saved in accordance with the contract.

The economic benefit of EMCo comes from the saving of energy costs, and the customer's economic benefit comes from the reduction of energy costs (contract amount).

Project Benefits

●Professional EMC provides full-process services for energy-saving projects, freeing customers from the burden of project management, technology, and engineering.

●EMC assumes the main risks of energy-saving projects, including technical and engineering risks.

●EMC's rich operating experience in energy-saving projects and familiarity with energy-saving technologies and equipment enable customers to accurately identify customers’ energy-saving potential points and design more reasonable technical transformation plans, select cost-effective equipment, and rich project operation experience. Effectively reduce the cost of implementing energy-saving projects.